Sunday, July 27, 2014


So we are at the end of July. I came on to write some updates (like, umm...I had a baby!? Haven't written it down yet...) and realized that I have this post in my draft folder. Apparently I wrote it in May and forgot to publish it. So here you go...keep in mind it is more than two months old.

Some things about Audrey:
She has had a huuuuuge growth spurt over the past 5 months. Not physically necessarily, but emotionally and mentally. She has matured suddenly and sometimes it still takes me by surprise how "big" she is. She is obsessed with the movie Frozen. She talks about it all day long, makes me play Frozen (quote lines and act them out with her), sings the songs, and I bet she probably dreams about it in her sleep. It is cute and also kind of a nice break from her obsession with her Christmas house, which she still talks about, but not as much.

She's still saying cute and funny things every day, of course! Some recent ones that I've shared on facebook are:
On a rainy day: "Mama, Do you like jumpin in cuddles too?" and "Oh Dear, now I'm all soapin wet!"
As I came downstairs from getting dressed, and feeling particularly fat, ugly, and very pregnant, she said to me, "Mommy I love you so much. And, oh my! I just love how that dress looks on you!"
When asked why she was pouting: "Because my heart is frozen and only an act of true love can save me".
"Daddy, I can see your hair turnin white."
"Mama, you're my best friend I ever seen in the whole world. Would you like a cookie? It has chocolate in it!" Yes, I love chocolate! "Oh you do?! Well, I better get you two!"
Other than saying a million new things every day....Audrey has been keeping busy with school, gymnastics, and friends. She had her Mother's Day brunch at school on Friday so I took JJ to a friend's house and was able to spend some time one-on-one with Audrey. She gave me a potpourri bag with her hand prints, and a questionnaire that she completed all about me.
Her favorite thing right now is puzzles. She has I think 6 or 7 that she does over and over again. Some are more challenging than others and I love to sit back and watch her calculate in her mind what she sees on the puzzle piece and move it around to see where it could go. I plan to go up to the consignment shop pretty soon and pick her up some new ones. She also likes to play games and there are a few I've read about that I think she would really enjoy that I plan to get for her.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quick Update!

I've been thinking lately about how much it sucks that I haven't kept up with blogging this year. Especially since it has been such a busy and fun year! So. I'm sitting down while JJ naps and Audrey's at school and trying to write a very quick update on the pregnancy! I only have 20 minutes and I still have to take a shower too.

In two days, I'll be 35 weeks pregnant! I had a check-up this past Friday, and, everything looks good and healthy as it should be. My weight gain has been really all over the place this time around. I've gained a total of 24 lbs but since I lost 8 in the beginning it is more like 16lbs. Regardless it looks like I'll end up 30lbs gain with this one depending on what this next month looks like in terms of eating! I will admit that my nutrition is not great...especially when it comes to eating meat. I find myself snacking throughout the day rather than eating meals like I probably should. About a month ago I discovered oatmeal smoothies and now I eat one every day. They fill me up for about 3 hours and contain more than half the protein I need in a day so I really am in love with them! I make them with oats, peanut butter, yogurt, milk, banana, and a dash of cocoa. Sometimes sprinkle granola on top. Mmmm. Its so much easier than making stovetop oatmeal in the morning and I don't have to actually sit down to eat it - which is crucial since the kids never let me actually sit and eat a meal peacefully.
I feel....not as great as I've felt in the past. I'm so tired! Always out of breath, could fall asleep at any moment, and I feel sssooo heavy. I need someone stand next to me and hold my belly for me because my back doesn't seem up to the task anymore. Carrying JJ around doesn't help either, but he needs it. He can walk (obviously) but he's much needier than Audrey was and he really wants to be close to us so I find myself holding him while cooking dinner, when we're out places...everywhere! The past week it has been especially hard on me so I don't know what I'll do for the next 5 weeks. This pregnancy is harder all around, but especially on my body. I have aches and pains that I haven't had before. Maybe because I'm older? Chasing 2 kids? Whatever it is, it is definitely taking a toll on me!

That brings me to...the date! The C-Section is scheduled for Friday, June 6. I'll be 39 weeks 3 days. Audrey's was at 40w exactly and JJ was 40w3 days so this will be my "earliest". Its bizarre to have a set date like this. I was so against scheduled deliveries because I love the anticipation of knowing that it could happen spontaneously and at any time, but this time around I kind of like it. I doubt the baby will come early since I've never experienced spontaneous labor with my other two, I would be surprised if it happened this time. Although...I look in the mirror and think it MUST happen early because where in the world am I going to put 5 more weeks of baby growth? I haven't measured my belly or anything, but its definitely much bigger than its been at this point with the others. People also love to point that out to me. I get the twins questions weekly. A month ago JJ's pediatrician said I must be ready to pop any day. NOPE BUT THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT.

Currently I think its a girl. I'm not sure what changed. The heart rate wives tale says boy (currently in the 120s, it was true for JJ and Audrey). I think I'm carrying more like I did with Audrey. This baby is ACTIVE - more active than the other two were for sure! Sometimes she gets in the most uncomfortable positions and I find myself laying down, standing up, rolling over..whatever it get her to move into a more comfortable spot.

We have names picked out if its a girl (still debating between two names) and if its a boy we are just out of luck. Nameless. There are so many good boy names out there but JOSH has a friend/relative/acquaintance with all of them. He's so difficult! Who knows what we'll end up with!

Now I have spend way more time than I wanted to on this...but I'm glad I updated for myself. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Favorite Stage

Joshua is now well into the thick of my very favorite baby stage....walking-2 years old. It was my favorite with Audrey and I wondered if it would be again with JJ. It definitely is! I love the wobbly walk/run and how when he starts going really fast and gains too much momentum his body looks like its leaping forward ahead of his feet. I love how he mumbles and talks in this little quiet voice as though he's telling me something very important. I love that he still wants to be picked up so he can see what's up on this level and looks at everything with interested and curious eyes. I love how he squats down to play with toys or inspect something. I love how he tries so hard to keep up with Audrey but he's always straggling behind with me.

 Joshua is an incredibly happy baby most of the time. He is still a great sleeper (although he wakes early, ugh!) and takes two naps a day, plus an 11 hour stretch at night. He doesn't eat as well as Audrey did at that age, I assume because he sees how picky she is with food and he's following suit. Or maybe he just isn't a good eater. :) He certainly eats enough to keep up the fat rolls, though! He loves to wrestle and is always climbing on us and headbutting us. I feel bad for him because I can only get so rough right now (belly gets in the way) and of course Audrey hates to wrestle. "Noooo! Stop!! Get off me JJ NOOOO!!" I should probably take some responsibility because I'm always instigating him with "get her!" and that really gets him in to it. Haha. She has it coming after all the times she used to push and knock him over when he was littler!
First Time with Play-Doh
Getting himself a snack
 He got his first haircut about a month ago. He really needed it for a while and I couldn't put it off any longer. Of course I kept the hair as a memento. He was such a good boy the whole time! He didn't care one bit and wasn't scared of the clippers or scissors at all. He just stared straight ahead. This picture actually reminds me of a soldier getting his first Army haircut. So serious and stone-faced. I love his haircut now. It is so boyish and really turned him into a toddler.

And even though he is happy MOST of the time, boy when his mood changes, everybody knows. He is a moody little guy with a heck of a temper. He yells, pouts, hits, and throws seriously dramatic temper tantrums. Two days ago he threw a tantrum so epic that he actually got his head stuck under the sofa. I should have expected it though...I took away a lollipop right before dinner and he WAS NOT HAPPY.
He's still a thumbsucker and I still think it is the cutest thing ever. I love the way he holds his blankie and rubs it on his face. He loves his daddy so much and when dad walks in the door, JJ pauses to hear who it is (if he can't see him) and then RUNS as fast as he can to the front door when he hears Josh's voice. He dives into Josh's chest and gives the biggest hug. Is there any better greeting to come home to? He likes giving good open mouth kisses, but we taught him how to make a fish face this week so now he wants to kiss us like that. Its funny to see him suck those big old cheeks in to make the fish face!

We are absolutely loving these days with our baby boy...still a baby and needing his mama and daddy, but growing and learning so much every day and changing right before our eyes. I wish he could stay this age forever!

Friday, February 28, 2014


Audrey's imagination is so entertaining lately. It is really intriguing to us because she went from not talking, to suddenly talking a lot, to now talking non stop and making up fun stories. It first started a couple of weeks ago with made up words. She uses them in a silly context, like she'll say "haha that's so blaley" or "are you Goshwa?" I'm like no....I'm mama. Then she laughs and says no you're Goshwa and I'm Zingo!".

The big thing though, is her "Christmas House". This is her imaginary other house, also located in "Panassas Park", although this one is "really so far away so we have to drive there". Some of the things at her Christmas house are: a leopard, a bird named Poc, and an imaginary made up animal (Name I cannot remember) that makes a sound like a Moo, but its more like "Moooeeeerrrrp". She also has a red pickup truck that she drives. We are allowed to ride in it with her.

When we see something on TV or at a store that she wants she'll say its ok if we don't get it because she already has it at her Christmas house anyways.
The night before we took her ice skating, we told her we're going on a special family adventure tomorrow. She replied, "yeah! And we're going to ride on a camel with the King!". Daddys the King and she of course, is the princess. JJ and I are the Prince and the Queen, but we don't get to ride on the camel.
There are so many times throughout each day that I wish I could just have a camera in the corner recording our conversations. I try to write them down when they occur so that I'll remember them but that doesn't always happen. In addition to her imagination, she has also become quite the negotiator. Everything is "But! BUT...!!" followed by some explanation as to why she can't do what I've told her to do/not do.

She had her first playdate a couple weekends ago with a friend from school. She's had many over the years with other friends, but they've always been with MY friends' kids, not friends that she made on her own. But this was a girl from school who came over with her mom and I really enjoyed watching them together. The other girl was shy, and I'm used to Audrey being the shy it was really surprising to see her talking so much and encouraging the other girl to play games with her since it is usually the other way around. I think it also is that she's just maturing and becoming more comfortable around other people. She's always been so quiet and shy around others at first, so its nice to see her being herself and opening up around people. She has grown so much in these past few months since school, especially the last two months since Christmas. It has been like one big developmental spurt - language, intelligence, imagination - all of it has just boomed recently. I can't wait to see where the next few months take us!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Joshua's First Birthday

First I'll say this - the first year went by SO MUCH FASTER with him than it did with Audrey. Its like I looked away for a moment and he was 6 months old, then I blinked and he was a year old. Luckily I have the blog and plenty of photos and videos to refer back to when I need a reminder of what he was like at those baby stages. 
For his first birthday party, we decided to do a brunch and pajamas party instead of our usual cookout type, since it so cold and we didn't want to have to be outside. Good thing too, because the weather was crappy and there was slushy snow on the ground. We served a bunch of yummy brunch foods, mimosas, homemade hot chocolate, and some other treats and most of the party was spent eating and socializing. The house was so full! We definitely need a bigger house now that we have a winter birthday, because 30+ people left us all feeling squeezed. I'm going to have to get creative for his birthdays in the future because I'm not sure we can keep doing the inside-our-home thing year after year. He got lots and lots of new toys and clothes so he's really set for quite a while. Thank you everyone for being a part of his first year and for celebrating with us!

We had his one year photos done with Misty a few days after his big day. She did such a great job as always, and even got some good family shots (and our big announcement!) and some nice ones of the kids together. When he got to the cake smash, he needed a little encouragement, but not much! He mad a huge mess and went straight to the bath when we were done. Crashed for a nice long nap afterward, too! I'd like to say this was his first time eating cake/sweets as it was when Audrey turned one, but this poor second child has been getting little sneaks of treats since he was 7 months old. Parenting fail?

I had hoped he would be walking by his first birthday, but he definitely was not. In fact, he was only beginning to stand without holding on to anything by that time. I'm happy to say that now at 13 months, he's walking and looks so cute doing it. He takes these tiny baby steps with his arms out and he's very slow and careful about it. Such a different experience from Audrey, because she learned to walk and never crawled again, only ran. He got his first pair of walking shoes last week and I've been encouraging him to walk when we're out, but after a dozen steps or so, he gets tired and just wants to crawl to get there faster. I understand that since I'm pretty lazy too. He definitely likes to keep me on my toes even when he's not walking though - he is a climber. He will push furniture across the room in order to be able to climb on top of a table. I had to remove the two pink chairs that go with the coloring table because he would climb them to get on top of the table and would just sit up there and stare out the window or play with his toys. He hasn't fallen yet, but I know its coming so I went ahead and took the chairs to another room. He tries to climb out of his crib but he's still to short. I'm sure its only a matter of time before his arms are strong enough to pull his body up...or he discovers that he can pile up his stuffed animals and blankets and use them to climb up.

He eats like a grown man. I swear every time I turn around he's signing "eat" or "milk", and he's been out-eating Audrey for months. I didn't expect to have to add him in to our food budget so early, but he can eat a whole pork chop by himself if I let him! Must have daddy's metabolism because at his 12 month appointment I think he was only 22 lbs. He's got such a personality now too. A fiery one. He is such a little snuggle bug most of the time, but when he's angry you better watch out. He throws things, hits, yells, and throws tantrums that I did not expect from a just-turned-one year old. He is also a crybaby and can turn on the tears at any moment. He's lucky his crying face is so cute (well, it is to me) because it usually means he gets picked up....which probably only encourages him to throw tantrums more but whatever.
Joshua's first year was so much fun and I can't wait to see him grow over this next year. He's currently in my very favorite stage...the young toddler months. I know he is going to change so much in the coming months and of course I'll be taking a million pictures to document it all. Hopefully I can find time to fill in here, too!

Wrapping up a very blessed 2013

We have already had a very busy start to 2014, but let me back up a bit. The end of last year was packed full with Joshua's first birthday and Christmas, and all that goes in to that. My mom came for Christmas and Josh's mom came for JJ's birthday, so our house was packed full for the month of December!
Gigi and her babies

Christmas came right on the heels of Joshua's birthday, but luckily we had gotten much of our shopping done already. This was Audrey's first year of really understanding Santa and that he brings presents and everything. She was so excited which also made it really special for us. It was fun to stay up wrapping presents and to see how excited she was when she got her Hello Kitty Helicopter that she's been asking for since September. She was nearly in tears when she opened it! They were given so so many gifts by our family and friends and for that we are very grateful. Thank you all!

Audrey's first Christmas preschool show was also in December. It was a short little performance of three and four year olds singing Christmas songs. Audrey was dressed as a shepherd and when she first came in I didn't recognize her. It took me a while to find her in the group and when we did find each other, she started jumping and screaming from the stage, "That's my mommy! LOOK LOOK!! MY mommy is here!" She also was telling the kids next to her that her Gigi was there and she screamed, "Where's JJ?!" since he wasn't with us. It was honestly the best feeling to see her so proud up there and singing her little heart out (I could hear her singing before I could see her!). She sure loves to sing.

We are still trying to settle back in to our routine, but it feels like we just can't get there. Josh's schedule just changed at work so we're adjusting to that, plus with all the snow days we have had it feels like we haven't had a normal week since the beginning of December. Audrey is also doing gymnastics once a week which she LOVES. It makes me so happy to see her in the gym really opening up and being confident self. It normally takes her so long to feel comfortable with new people and new environments but she took to this activity immediately. She' starting to open up more at school too. Her teacher tells me she's talking more and playing with the other kids more, whereas the first part of the school year she would just kind of do her own thing. Maybe my shy girl is finally coming out of her shell.

I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and everything looks perfect! No, we didn't find out the sex. Heartbeat was around 145, the baby is really active, and has all of his/her limbs, as far as we could tell. He is measuring 1-2 weeks ahead both on the ultrasound and when the doctor measured my belly, but they aren't changing the due date just yet. She also said the baby is sitting up really high in my uterus, which I already knew. I popped really early with this one so it should be interesting to see how much bigger my belly gets than with my other pregnancies.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Baby Falcon #3

That's right! As everyone now knows (thanks for the awesome picture below!), we are expecting another little one next June!

We found out really early again, around 4 weeks. I had a feeling I might be pregnant (nothing specific, just a hunch), but since I was breastfeeing full time, I figured there really wasn't much chance. So when the test was positive, I couldn't help but laugh!

We told Audrey right away. She immediately understood, which is fun because she was still too young to grasp when I was pregnant with JJ. She said right away that she wants a sister. What if it's a boy, I asked. "But I already have a brother". Haha. I told her she might get another brother and she said, "to steal my Legos?". Apparently she feels that brothers are thieves! She tried to be very gentle around me and tells me she doesn't want to hurt our baby. Such a sweet sister. She is so much more involved with her baby cousin Liam than she was when Joshua was an infant, so I'm very excited to see her when we bring our new baby home.
I'm feeling great so far, just tired! I think that's part of having two kids, though. Plus I've been tired during all of my pregnancies so this is nothing new! I'll be glad when the weather warms up and we can get outside more, because staying in the house makes me feel even more sleepy. Other than exhaustion, I have pretty much no pregnancy symptoms. I forget I'm pregnant all the time! I had some food aversions early on and basic lack of appetite but no real nausea or throwing up. I have had two appointments so far, but they didn't give me the sonogram picture unfortunately. I'm sure you can imagine what it looks like though! I have my 20 week ultrasound next month, so we will get a good look at him/her then. I've got a bump already but I kind of never really lost it after Joshua was born, so it's hard to say where the baby is in there. Here is a picture of me at 13 weeks.
Like always, We aren't finding out the sex. Either way, we already have lots of clothes and gear to get us through! All I need to buy is another full set cloth diapers since Joshua still has 2 more years in his. JJ will be 18 months when the new baby comes home, so he will still be in his crib. The baby will sleep in the cosleeper/our bed for at least 6 months and then we will reassess the bed situation. If JJ is ready for a twin at that point (he'll be 2) we will go ahead and do that and use the crib for the baby. If not, we will just buy another crib. 
So that about sums up everything there is to know at this point. We can't wait for another little Falcon to rouse up some chaos with the siblings!!